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Prepare for Flu Season

Visiting Habitot During Flu Season

Visiting Habitot During Flu Season

Steps Habitot is Taking Now to Prevent the Spread of Flu

Program staff, parents, caregivers and children who are NOT sick can safely come to Habitot. Due to the concerns about the potential spread of the flu this winter, and its risks to children under 5 and pregnant mothers, this page will provide updates regarding any important information regarding the current flu conditions.

The following steps are being taken at Habitot to help keep children and staff from getting sick with flu.  

  • We have encouraged our staff to get vaccinated for seasonal flu when vaccines become available.

  • We encourage parents to have children (6 months of age and older) vaccinated for seasonal flu and H1N1, when the vaccines become available. Children under the age of 5 years and pregnant women are at higher risk for flu complications.

  • Staff will model appropriate behavior regarding symptoms by covering mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing.

  • Staff will practice good hand hygiene. We are providing the time and supplies for staff to wash their hands as often as necessary.

  • We encourage parents and caregivers to actively help children wash their hands frequently while visiting Habitot.  Alcohol-based gels are also effective; dispensers are located throughout the museum and annex.

  • We clean surfaces and items that children touch with their hands such as exhibits, toys, tables, chairs, and door knobs frequently. Daily custodial care sanitizes restrooms, sinks and all doors and surfaces. Ionizing air filtration runs 24/7. HVAC filters are changed monthly.

  • We will help prevent the spread of flu by sending sick staff and teachers home.

  • We are asking parents and caregivers to keep themselves and children home if they have flu-like illness. They should stay home until at least 24 hours after they are free of fever (100 degrees Fahrenheit or 37.8 degrees Celsius measured by mouth), or signs of a fever (chills, feeling very warm, a flushed appearance, or sweating). This should be determined without the use of fever-reducing medications (any medicine that contains ibuprofen or acetaminophen).

  • If the flu conditions in the community become MORE severe, we will ask that sick children, parents and child care providers stay home at least 7 days after they are free of fever, even if they feel better. Those who are still sick after 7 days should continue to stay home until at least 24 hours after symptoms have gone away.

  • We will perform a visual health check when each family arrives at the museum. Anyone presenting flu-like symptoms (coughing, sneezing, fever) will not be admitted. This includes field trip, class and birthday party participants.

  • If advised to do so by the health department because flu is widespread, or if so many staff members are sick that we cannot manage the exhibits and programs, we will temporarily close the museum.

PBS Parents - Talking with Kids About Health
CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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