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All Vehicles Welcome

Habitot gratefully accepts charitable donations of cars, trucks, RV's, boats and other vehicles. Since 2004, more than 226 individuals have donated their vehicles to Habitot Children's Museum and received a tax-deduction on their taxes. Habitot has raised over $56,000 from donated vehicles.

Currently, Habitot is contracting with Car Donation Services, Inc, a local company that has managed vehicle donations since 1990! They use a variety of selling techniques so vehicles, on average, sell for more, which means more money for us and a larger tax deduction for you!

To donate your vehicle, please mention Habitot when you call 1-888-686-4483, or complete our online donation form. They make it fast and easy and provide you with professional and courteous service throughout the process.

Once your vehicle is accepted, they will mail your donation receipt, which includes the necessary tax information and reporting requirements and the required DMV forms. Vehicles will be picked up within 5 working days and they can handle rush donations, if necessary.

car donation service

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