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Make it possible for more children to learn, play and grow.
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Diversity Statement

Our Commitment to Diversity

Habitot Children's Museum is a community resource where all families raising young children are welcome. You are included without regard to race, age, gender, physical ability, sexual orientation, family structure, citizenship, or socioeconomic background.

  • We expect our visitors to embrace and welcome this diversity, and to reach out and learn from it, without bias or prejudice towards others.

  • We acknowledge and appreciate that there are cultural and class differences in parenting.

  • At the same time, Habitot advocates an empathetic approach to parenting, where the whole child is accepted and loved for his or her unique abilities and interests.

By fostering dialog and active engagement between diverse families, Habitot aims to strengthen the common bond we share in raising the next generation.
-- Adopted by Diversity Task Force, 2005

According to our 2013 Audience Survey...

  • 55% of Habitot's visitors claim ethnic or cultural diversity

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