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Each month, we publish an article offering Habitot's perspective on challenging parenting topics in our free e-newsletter, Totmail. Search the articles HERE.

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See Habitot Parents and Caregivers Helping Kids Learn

Habitot Resource Library Habitot Resource Library

Habitot Resource Library Habitot Resource Library

These videos were supported by a 2015 Institute for Museum and Library Services grant to help parents and caregivers become more engaged in helping their children explore, experiment and discover. Tell us what you think of the videos: Take survey

Activity Cards for How to PLAY with Your Child in Each Exhibit

Pick up a "Learning Together" card in each exhibit to get more ideas for things you can say and do to help your child learn. Or, take a look before you visit HERE (PDF)

Managing Those Challenging Behaviors in Public

We know that 0-5 year olds are just learning how to behave in public and parents can often feel embarrassed or at a loss about how to handle certain behaviors. This is a judgment-free zone and we are here to support you! These brochures are available in Spanish and English and are distributed in the Museum, or you can access them below.

  • Biting & Hitting
    Young children's language skills are just developing, so they often find it hard to express their needs... English brochure (PDF)

  • Control Issues: Managing Your Anger
    No matter how much you love your child, there will come a time when you find yourself feeling frustrated... English brochure (PDF)

  • Learning to Share: Moving from "Mine" to "Taking Turns"
    Providing alternatives and conflict resolution between children... English brochure (PDF)

  • Easing Transitions: Helping Your Child Move from One Activity to the Next
    Useful when children don't want to leave the Museum or interrupt their activity for diapering, eating, etc. ... English brochure (PDF)

We Have More Family Resources!

Habitot Resource Library

Browse our collection of 500 books, manuals, videos and parenting guides address many if not most of the issues facing parents raising young children. FREE First 5 'new parent kits' in many languages are also distributed from the Center.

Members may check books out for FREE for three weeks. New or gently used donations are welcome. See wish list.

Habitot Resource Library

FREE copies of easy to read articles and handouts on a variety of parenting topics and current trends in parenting are organized into helpful categories on the Purple Parenting Cart. References cited in the current month's Parent Topics are available.

In addition, the Cart contains up-to-date catalogs of recalled toys and consumer products for infants, toddlers and preschools and current lead abatement and other safety information needing widespread distribution.

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