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Rotating Exhibits

These Exhibits Return Frequently

Imagination PlaygroundTM

Firehouse Rotating Exhibit at Habitot Children's Museum

Our new Imagination PlaygroundTM blocks are an incredible play system for unlocking children's creativity. Toddlers and preschoolers can build castles and forts, wacky space stations or even aliens. The interlocking pieces can make aqueducts for ball play, or amazing sculptures. Kids will love sitting and sharing under the doorway of our big purple house at the entrance of the Imagination PlaygroundTM space. The featured exhibit in the main discovery area rotates several times a year. Exhibit Guide for Parents
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Medical Center

Medical Center Exhibit for Young Children and Toddlers

EMT's will drive the ambulance while young doctors and nurses inspect X-rays, vaccinate patients, wrap bandages and care for newborn babies.  The Center now includes a popular veterinary wing for dog and cat care and ride-upon ambulances.
Exhibit Guide for Parents

Back to the Farm

Back to the Farm Exhibit for Young Children at Habitot Children's Museum

Collect eggs from the big red barn with the rooster on top. A nearby apple tree is ready to harvest and the fishing pond is stocked.  Try your hand at the magnetic fishing poles and ride the horse around the corral. Mom or Dad can sit in the porch swing and reminisce about the good old days. Cute farm animal costumes and ride upon John Deere tractors keep everyone busy down on the farm. Exhibit Guide for Parents

Recycling Center

Recycling Center Exhibit at Habitot

The Recycling Center exhibit gives young children a hands-on experience sorting and classifying bottles, cans and newspapers (in friendly foam shapes) and filling dumpsters and bins with recyclables. Everybody loves to crank the conveyor belt that moves recyclables into the child-sized dumpsters. Activities support early math and science concepts. Exhibit Guide for Parents

Construction Zone

Construction Zone Exhibit at Habitot

Create buildings, roads, and whole cities with construction blocks, diggers, front-loaders and bulldozers! Dress up in construction worker clothes and safety goggles but stay behind the orange safety fence when the buildings come tumbling down. Exhibit Guide for Parents


Firehouse Rotating Exhibit at Habitot Children's Museum

Firehouse features a small-scale firetruck (with two steering wheels!), a pretend burning building to crawl through or rescue people from, a fire hydrant with fire hose and nozzle, a 911 call box, and a fire station housing costumes, boots and helmets. There are small ride-upon fire engines for the littlest ones. Young children—both girls and boys—will love being heroes helping others and being powerful, strong and capable. The featured exhibit in the main discovery area rotates several times a year. Exhibit Guide for Parents
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