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Current Exhibits

Featured Exhibit

4 R's - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Rot

Sponsored by Alameda County StopWaste

Recycling Center Exhibit at Habitot

The new "4's Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot" exhibit sponsored by StopWaste (open January, 2019) builds awareness through hands-on play about our use of resources and their impact on the environment.

Children will:

• Drive the Recycling/Garbage Truck!
• Operate the Compactor
• Collect and Sort Recyclables with Conveyor-belt Action
• Spin the Compost Bin and "turn food waste into soil"
• Make "recycled art" with our new Art Cart
• Everyone can learn about reducing trash and helping save the environment
Exhibit Guide for Parents

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On-going Exhibits

Habitot's one-of-a-kind exhibits and themed play areas are especially designed for infants, toddlers and young children. The nine small-scale exhibits create a learning, discovery and interactive environment for kids and their families. Fun exhibits make it easy to play along and help your child learn new things. 

Fire Engine

Fire Engine

Emergency! Put on your firefighter jacket and helmet and drive the fire engine to put out the fire! Learn about the clothing firefighters must wear to keep safe. Exhibit Guide for Parents

Animal Hospital

Animal Hospital

Put on your lab coat and see who the next patient is - Someone's pet - a dog, cat, turtle of snake - needs your help. Bandage, vaccinate, bathe or set a broken bone. Learn what to look for and what tools to use. Exhibit Guide for Parents


Waterworks Exhibit at Habitot

A water pumping station, a river ramp and a water table offer endless possibilities for letting children discover nature's most interesting liquid. Buckets, funnels, waterwheels, pitchers and other toys encourage hand-to-eye coordination and problem solving. Throughout the year, the Waterworks area might become a Car Wash, a Baby Washing Station, a Marine Science Lab, A Rubber Ducky Regatta, or Bubbleland. The water drains through the floor so spills are never a problem, and vinyl aprons are also available. We recommend bringing extra clothes 'just in case'. Exhibit Guide for Parents

Waterworks Exhibit at Habitot

Thank you to the Institute for Museum and Library Services for its 2015 grant in support of refurbishing the Waterworks exhibit, adding components accessible to children with disabilites, and creating adult engagement activities for children's STEM science learning in the exhibit. Find more information here.


Infant-Toddler Garden

Infant-Toddler Garden

A picket fence marks the gated area set aside especially for infants, crawlers and early walkers, 20-months and under.  The bunny on the entrance is the height limit for this exhibit space. Floor to ceiling murals and softly carpeted floor surround the very young with images of a garden and farm.

Foam block climbing structures and enclosures encourage crawling, pulling up, cruising and early walking. There is also a wooden carrot patch for harvesting and replacing carrots, a felt wall chicken coop with felt farm animals - great for storytelling -- and baskets of puzzles, soft block shapes and baby books, and a butterfly mobile. For fun, look for all the hidden animals painted on the exhibit's wall murals. Exhibit Guide for Parents

Little Town Grocery & Café

Exhibits - Little Town Grocery & Cafe

Shop for fruits and vegetables, bread and dry goods in this small-scale grocery store. Pint-sized metal shopping baskets look just like the ones moms and dads use. Pretend money and cash registers encourage buying and selling and making change. And a nearby cafe counter lets parents order from the menu while little chefs whip up a meal. Look for multicultural themes, International money and unusual plastic produce in the grocery store throughout the year.
Exhibit Guide for Parents

Wiggle Wall

Exhibits - Wiggle Wall

Originally introduced as part of the "Back to the Farm" exhibit, the Wiggle Wall gives children a worm's eye view of underground tunnels. Children navigate through a vertical maze of safe passageways rising from floor-to-ceiling. Parents and children can see each other through net covered openings and giant optic lenses. This exhibit presents memory challenges, builds physical confidence and helps children see the world through someone else's eyes. Most kids love getting up high and being taller than their parents!  NOTE: if your child "gets stuck," please let a staff person know, and we can pop the yellow escape hatches. Exhibit Guide for Parents

Wind Tunnel

Wind Tunnel Exhibit at Habitot

Use the big buttons to activate the bigger fans at the end of a narrow corridor to let young children feel the power and sensation of wind. Pinwheels, kites and other wind-power toys are often available. In fall, rake up fall leaves and let them fly away in the wind.  In spring, sprinkle flower petals in front of the fans so little ones can catch them with their butterfly nets. Exhibit Guide for Parents

Train Table

Train Table Exhibit

Who doesn't like linking up wooden train cars and sending them around the tracks, over the bridges and under tunnels?  Platforms on two low tables keep young children's interest, sometimes for hours!  NOTE: desirable wooden train cars and engines are sold separately in the Museum's Gift Shop.
Exhibit Guide for Parents

Face Painting Table

Exhibits - Face Painting Table

Do-it-yourself begins at Habitot's Face Painting Table, where easy-to-use, non-toxic, non-staining water color crayons let children transform themselves into cheetah's, dragons and flowers.  Draw pictures on your child's face if you must, or be really brave and let them draw on yours.  Strips of moistened wipes available to wipe off face paintings. NOTE: watercolor crayons are sold separately in the Museum's Gift Shop.
Exhibit Guide for Parents

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